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Israel Sends Condolences to the United Kingdom

Israeli leaders from across the political spectrum sent their condolences to the royal family and to the United Kingdom in the passing of the longest-reigning monarch in the nation’s history. Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said, “On behalf of the government and people of Israel, I send my condolences to the Royal Family and the people of the United Kingdom on the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She leaves behind an unparalleled legacy of leadership and service.”

Tel Aviv’s municipality building was lit with the flag of the United Kingdom. President Herzog visited the home of the British ambassador to sign a book of condolences. He will represent Israel at the queen’s funeral on September 19.

Please pray for the United Kingdom during this time of mourning and transition.

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Israel Seeks Diplomatic Presence in Qatar

Flag of Qatar displayed in Doha (Source: Unsplash/Rowen Smith)

Though Israel does not yet have formal ties with Qatar, Israel is requesting a diplomatic presence in Doha, the nation’s capital. Many Israelis are expected to fly to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup (soccer) this winter. So, these Israeli fans will need consular services and security. Hebrew-speaking journalists also wish to travel to report on the games.

FIFA, the international soccer federation, came to an agreement with Qatar to allow Israelis into the country for the game. Israel will also allow Palestinian fans to travel to Doha. The Israeli government sees this diplomatic presence as a potential opportunity to normalize relations with Qatar.

Please pray for safety for all the fans and players during the World Cup.

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Israeli Blood Test Could Detect Some Cancers

Pancreatic cancer cells (Source: Unsplash/National Cancer Institute)

In a marvelous breakthrough, Israeli scientists have developed a blood test that is 92 percent accurate in detecting colorectal cancer. This blood test could eliminate the need for invasive tests for colorectal cancer, including colonoscopies. The discovery may also lead to tests for other forms of cancer. Currently, there is no single diagnostic test to find pancreatic cancer, which can only be detected after symptoms appear.

Dr. Efrat Shema discovered a method to image a single molecule from blood samples. She and her colleagues at the Weizmann Institute of Science published these findings in a peer-reviewed study in Nature Biotechnology. She wants to start with clinical trials first for pancreatic and colorectal cancers since these diseases are hard to detect. Many people do not get tested because it is expensive in their countries, invasive, or painful. “In the future, our approach may serve to diagnose not only various cancers but also additional diseases that leave traces in the blood, such as autoimmune disorders and heart disease,” said Dr. Shema.

Please pray for more research and development in medical detection and treatments for those suffering from cancer.

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Worship Event at Our Tel Aviv Ministry Center

Messianic musician Joshua Aaron

This week, our ministry center in Tel Aviv will host Joshua Aaron for a worship event. We are expecting a full house of people coming to worship the Lord. It is very exciting to be able to open our doors, and yet, there will be opposition from anti-missionaries. Joshua Aaron is a wonderful musician, and many of his songs have a Hebrew/Middle Eastern feel to them. You can find him on YouTube.

Please pray for an amazing evening as we gather to worship and for protection from those who want to cause distraction.