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United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Visits Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial

Yad Vashem (Source: Unsplash/Snowscat)

United Arab Emirates foreign minister, Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, visited Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and laid a wreath in the Hall of Remembrance. Bin Zayed is in Israel to mark two years since the Abraham Accords were signed between his country, Israel, and Bahrain. It is the diplomat’s first visit to Yad Vashem.

Bin Zayed wrote in the guest book, “I am here today to remind ourselves of the lessons that history teaches us and the great responsibility upon us to act with tolerance for building our community and society. We must take the brave step of building a bridge of true peace for the coming generations.”

Please pray for the continued peace and growth of Israel’s relationships with other Middle Eastern countries.

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Israeli Soccer Team Plays against Top European Team

(Illustrative/Source: Unsplash/Emilio Garcia)

Israel’s Maccabi Haifa soccer team earned a spot in the Champions League and recently got to play in Haifa against one of the sport’s top teams, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Playing for PSG are some of the greatest soccer players in the world, including Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Brazil’s Neymar, and France’s Kylian Mbape.

Haifa played very well and scored the first goal, staying in the lead for more than an hour before the score tied. Playing in front of a sell-out crowd of more than 30,000, Maccabi Haifa lost, but their excellence and unexpected lead electrified Israeli sports fans.

Thank God that Israeli athletes had this wonderful opportunity to inspire their fellow Israelis.

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Rare Coin from ᴀᴅ 69 Returned to Israel

The Quarter Shekel coin returned to Israel (Source: Israel Antiquities Authority)

The Manhattan District Attorney recently returned a rare coin from AD 69 to Israel after five years of searching and bureaucracy. Antiquities looters discovered the coin about twenty years ago in the Ella Valley, a spot outside Jerusalem known for its archeological sites. The coin was then sold on the black market via Jordan and found at an auction in Denver. Its estimated worth is one million dollars.

Few similar coins still exist. This coin dates from the fourth year of the First Jewish Revolt, also known at the Great Jewish Revolt. Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations referred to this artifact as “a stark reminder of the Jewish people’s millennia-old connection to the land of Israel.”

Praise God for this historical find that links the Jewish people to the Jewish homeland, Israel.

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Lots of Wonderful Conversations and Opportunities to Share about Jesus!

At a recent staff meeting, many of our workers shared about amazing conversations they have had with people about the Lord’s character, love, and forgiveness. These conversations took place with extended family, friends on hikes, strangers on the street, new immigrants from Ukraine, and homegroups. It was exciting to hear each other’s stories and pray for these wonderful people and the opportunity to have more conversations.

Praise God for the way He opens doors to share about Him!