Inside Israel

Natural Gas Reservoirs Found off Israel’s Coast

An Israeli company called Energean began drilling off Israel’s shore for natural gas some time ago. They suspected the “Olympus area” between the Karish and Tanin gas fields was rich in this resource. Energean recently found massive amounts of natural gas just in this region. Their Zeus-1 drilling well discovered a reservoir holding 13 billion cubic meters of natural gas—an enormous find! The company will continue to drill in the neighboring areas, tapping into four other wells. In addition, Energean will soon begin drilling at their Hercules site, the last well in this year’s drilling campaign.

Please pray this significant find of natural gas will enable Israel to provide for its citizens and sell to other countries.

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President Herzog Attends Climate Change Conference in Egypt

07/11/2022. Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt. The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak meets with the President of Israel Isaac Herzog on the first day of COP27. Picture by Simon Walker / No 10 Downing Street

More than ninety world leaders arrived in Egypt recently for the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. Israel sent President Herzog to address the summit delegates, inaugurate the first-ever Israeli pavilion at one of these conventions, and hold diplomatic meetings. In Herzog’s speech, he depicted an Israeli vision of the “renewable Middle East,” in which “Israel and regional states will cooperate to provide major solutions for the climate crisis.” On the opening day of the summit, United Nations chief Guterres urged the global community to take advantage of the conference to “rebuild trust and re-establish the ambition needed to avoid driving our planet over the climate cliff.” Last year, the conference was held in Scotland, and then-Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett promised to reduce carbon emissions in Israel. The Israeli government, however, did not pledge to reach net zero emissions as the nation still needed to hold elections.

Please pray for the health of our planet and ways we can each do our part to reverse the damage to land, water, and air.

New F-35 Fighter Jets Arrive in Israel

F-35 Lightning II demonstration team members sprint to their positions during the ground show at the Defenders of Liberty Air & Space Show at Barksdale Air Force Base, La., May 17, 2019. The team’s ground show consists of pre-flight inspections with sharp, quick-paced movements that showcase the pride and professionalism of the U.S. Air Force. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Alexander Cook)

Three new F-35 fighter jets will join the thirty-three others in Israel’s 140 Squadron (Golden Eagle). Israel was the first country to purchase this aircraft from Lockheed Martin in 2010. These three new planes will become operational in the coming weeks. The Israeli Air Force began using this kind of aircraft in 2017. Meanwhile, other F-35 fighter jets escorted two American B-52 bombers above Israeli airspace for the first time as the Americans returned from the Persian Gulf. Israel and the United States are increasing their airborne cooperation.

Please pray for the preparation and skill of Israel’s air force and their cooperation with the United States Air Force.

Praying for Israel and Our Ministry

Would you please take this time to pray for Israel and the formation of the new government after the recent elections? Benjamin Netanyahu of the Likud party must now form a coalition and is finding it difficult to negotiate. Each party wants different high-stake positions like Defense Minister, Finance Minister, and Public Safety Minister. It is a crucial time in Israel’s post-election period to make sure each segment of Israel’s society—including the Messianic Jewish community—feels protected and included.

Also take this time to pray for our ministry workers scattered throughout the country, from north to south and east to west.

  • Please pray each person and family will be safe, healthy, and growing in the Lord.
  • Intercede for the growth and flourishing of our workers’ specific ministries.
  • Pray each worker will have an unexpected open door to proclaim their faith and belief in Jesus the Jewish Messiah with someone they meet!