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Israel Observes Holocaust Remembrance Day

Yad Vashem (Source: Unsplash/Snowscat)

Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) was last week. There are a total of 147,199 Holocaust survivors living in Israel, 60 percent of whom are women. Astonishingly, 462 celebrated their hundredth birthdays last year, and 31,000 are over the age of ninety. Holocaust survivors in Israel include 521 new immigrants who fled the war in Ukraine. Israel spent 5.6 billion shekels (1.5 billion dollars) this past year to support programs to provide for Holocaust survivors. The state also arranged 16,000 home visits.

Every year on Yom HaShoah, a siren blasts across the country for two minutes, and Israel comes to a standstill. Israel honors previous generations who suffered these atrocities by taking time to stop everything—whether work, school, or even driving on the highway—and remember.

Please take some time to remember and pray for these dear people who suffered greatly. Pray for their health, well-being, and for their hearts to be open to the gracious love of the Father.

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Israel Honors Fallen Soldiers, Victims of Terror

Israel Defense Force soldiers (Source: Unsplash/Timon Studler)

Israel’s Memorial Day is this week. Israelis will mourn those who died while serving in the Israeli military or as a result of terrorism. Since Israel’s last Memorial Day, fifty-nine soldiers died during their service to the country. In addition, eighty-six disabled veterans died from complications due to injuries received during their service. Additionally, thirty-one people died as victims of terror this year.

On Monday evening, sirens will cue the country to stop and take a moment of silence. A second siren will sound on Tuesday morning before memorial services at the country’s fifty-two military cemeteries. Many will visit these cemeteries to pay their respects for fallen family members and friends.

Following Israel’s weeks-long protests against the proposed judicial overhaul, many are asking for quiet and calm on this solemn day. Not wanting politics to dilute the gravity of the day, military families are asking politicians not to attend or give speeches at military ceremonies.

Please pray for those who are mourning their loved ones who gave up their lives in protection of and service to Israel or who were murdered by terrorists.

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Israel Celebrates Seventy-fifth Independence Day

Israel is turning seventy-five this year! Birthed out of war and into war, the modern State of Israel has survived much and grown tremendously—in many areas. Israel is a tech-savvy nation with world leaders in medical and research advancements, top military and defense weapons, as well as leaders in academics, sports, and arts. The country will start celebrating at the end of Memorial Day. Israelis will enjoy BBQ, fireworks, family, and friends, and you will see Israeli flags everywhere as people love and care for the nation.

Praise God for Israel’s seventy-five years and for more to come!

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Chosen People Ministries in Israel Serves Holocaust Survivors

Maxim and his team in Jerusalem planned a very special day in Jerusalem for Holocaust survivors from Sderot (more than a two-hour drive away). He regularly sees this group in Sderot, but they do not get much opportunity to travel. They were thrilled to visit the Western Wall and have lunch in our Jerusalem ministry center. But, let us hear from him directly:

Today, we organized a tour to Jerusalem for a group from Sderot. They have long wanted to get to the Western Wall, and we decided to do it for them on this special day. The bus brought them to Mamila where I met them, and we went to a café where we had coffee with croissants. Everyone liked cappuccino coffee because it is something special and festive for them! Then we made a “march” from the Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall, and I told them the city’s history. I thought some of them would not reach the target, and I would need to carry them in my arms. But thank God, everyone got there! We had time for prayer at the Wall and then went to our Jerusalem Center, where our staff prepared a delicious lunch. A couple of hours of fellowship, the Word, and music made this day fantastic, and everyone went home happy! We continue to help Holocaust survivors and bring them the light of our Lord and Messiah, Jesus. Thank you for giving us this opportunity! Thanks to your support, many of them can live their lives with dignity and see the Light of Salvation at the end of their lives!

Please continue to pray for the physical and spiritual health of these Holocaust survivors.