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Engineers Inspect Western Wall Stones

Visitors like to put papers containing prayers into the Western Wall (Source: Benjamin Rascoe/Unsplash)

Twice a year—before Passover and before Rosh Hashanah—engineers inspect all the stones at the Western Wall in Jerusalem. They make sure the stones are safe and up to the standards of Jewish law. These inspections are important to prevent the massive rocks from dislodging or falling. In 2018, a stone weighing about 220 pounds fell from the Western Wall and nearly hit a woman. During these holidays, hundreds of thousands of worshipers and tourists will visit the Western Wall, a remnant of a retaining wall surrounding the Temple Mount, which was built by Herod the Great. The Western Wall is the holiest site where Jewish people can pray freely and leave notes in the crevices between the stones. This practice arose as many Jewish people believe the presence of the Lord never left the area around the Temple Mount. Twice a year, staff remove these pieces of paper and bury them.

Please pray for the safety of the thousands of worshipers who will visit the Western Wall over the next few weeks. Pray God will open their eyes to recognize Jesus as the Messiah!

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Roman-Era Swords Found in Dead Sea Cave

Ein Gedi Nature Reserve (Source: Robert Bye/Unsplash)

An incredible archeological discovery recently revealed four intact Roman swords and a javelin found deep in a cave in the Dead Sea area. The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) said, “To find one sword like this is rare, so four? It’s a dream come true. We couldn’t believe our eyes.” The sword blades and wooden handles were incredibly well preserved, mainly because of the dry desert conditions. The swords were most likely hidden by Jewish rebels 1,900 years ago from the Romans during the Bar Kochba revolt (132–35 bce) when Rome governed Jerusalem under harsh conditions. Many Jewish rebels fled Jerusalem to live in the vast caves and desert around the Dead Sea, including Masada, a famous Jewish stronghold against Rome.

Praise God for the discovery of such an amazing piece of history.

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Israel Ready to Send Humanitarian Aid to Morocco

Marrakesh, Morocco (Source: Beatrice Sana/Unsplash)

A horrific 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck Morocco Friday night, killing more than 2,000 people. Israel has offered humanitarian aid and search and rescue teams but is waiting for Morocco to ask formally for their assistance. In 2020, among other countries, Morocco signed the Abraham Accords, normalizing relations between the two nations for the first time. Israel is ready to ship food, medicine, medical equipment, water, tents, and water purifiers depending on Morocco’s needs. It would only take a couple of hours to prepare a plane to fly to Morocco. The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirms it is in contact with the 479 Israelis visiting Morocco during this tragedy.

Please pray for comfort and provision for those who are injured, those who have lost loved ones, and those who have lost their homes and businesses.

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Isaiah 53 Explained Bears Fruit—Years Later

This week marks twenty-two years since the terror attacks of September 11. As we remember the fallen and reflect on the lessons learned, let us also pray for the citizens of Israel who face the risk of terror attacks at any time. Let us pray for their security and freedom—and most of all for their salvation in Messiah Jesus (Yeshua), who brings eternal life, hope, security, and peace, transcending whatever happens down here.

Speaking of God working despite tough times, you will enjoy this testimony from one of our missionary staff in Tel Aviv:

A young man visited our Tel Aviv outreach center a few weeks ago. He came up to me and said, “Hi, I’m Etay!* Do you remember me? We met before COVID-19. You told me about Yeshua and gave me a book called Isaiah 53 Explained by Dr. Mitch Glaser. In that book, Mitch Glaser shows how the things predicted in the Old Testament about Yeshua (Jesus) came true.”

Etay went on, “I heard you and took the book, but I didn’t really read it. I was watching YouTube videos of Orthodox rabbis then, so I was unsure about what you shared. . . . Later, I faced some tough times, and I remembered our talk. I started reading the book that explains Isaiah chapter 53. I found a Messianic community in my city in northern Israel, accepted Yeshua, and now I’m in a [discipleship] program to learn more. Thank you!”

This is just one of many stories we have heard from people who come back—saved—to thank us after we witness or give materials to them. One small idea took root in a young man’s heart at our Tel Aviv center, and it led to his salvation! Praise the Lord!

*Name changed for privacy.