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Three Men Seriously Wounded in Stabbing Terror Attack at Israeli Mall

A knife used in a terror stabbing attack at the central bus station in Beer Sheva, southern Israel, March 31, 2024. (Source: Israel Police)

Late on Sunday, a Palestinian man armed with two knives rampaged through a mall in Gan Yavne, a city in southern Israel. He stabbed and severely wounded three young men—ages twenty-five, twenty, and seventeen. Emergency responders found the victims in different parts of the mall, indicating the extent of this bloody attack. Authorities shot and killed the assailant as he tried to attack a police officer. The terrorist is a nineteen-year-old from the southern West Bank.

The three injured men were rushed to hospitals. Two sustained serious head injuries. Medics fought to keep one from succumbing to his wounds on their way to the hospital. The third victim was in moderate condition. Hamas praised this attack as a “heroic operation” and encouraged Palestinians to “escalate” violence against Israeli civilians. Earlier on this same day, an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces was stabbed and lightly wounded at a bus stop.

Please pray for complete healing—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—for the young men injured in this brutal attack. Pray for protection against further attacks.

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New Information Reveals Hamas’ Full Plans for October 7

Hamas flags (Source: Flickr/rainwiz)

In Gaza Division Conquered, the first book in Hebrew about the October 7 massacre, journalist Ilan Kfir reveals Hamas’ full plans for this attack. His research unveils Hamas, led by Yahya Sinwar, had prepared a “phase two” attack. Their targets included Tel Aviv, an air force base outside Beersheva, Ashkelon (where they planned to release terrorists from Israeli prisons), and Dimona (where Israel’s nuclear reactor is). After Hamas stormed through the security barrier, brutally attacking and killing more than 1,200 people in the early morning hours of October 7, they soon realized they achieved their goals. They succeeded in taking hostages, burning, pillaging, raping, and killing before Israeli forces could stop them. Hamas had planned a second phase. Kfir said,

Towards noon on October 7, when Sinwar and his central command realized that they had achieved success above and beyond what was expected, an order was given to the forces of phase two to set off. Here, they encountered a big surprise because unlike the morning—when the fence was broken and there was minimal IDF presence in the area—there was already an assessment and a huge influx of forces at the Nevatim area where a large blockade was carried out. There is no doubt that if Hamas had carried out its second phase, the trauma and disaster on October 7 would have been doubled. . . .

Sinwar believed that if an attack on Tel Aviv and Dimona were reported in the news, Hezbollah in the north and the other terrorist organizations in Judea and Samaria would also attack. This is a diabolical plan, and if it had succeeded, the reality would have been many times worse.

Please pray Israel stops Hamas and like-minded groups. Pray the enemies of Israel’s diabolical plans for death and destruction can never happen again.

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Israeli Court Ends Military Draft Exemptions for Ultra-Orthodox

Israel Defense Force soldiers (Source: Flickr/Israel Defense Forces)

Israel’s High Court issued a ruling to remove funding allowing Jewish ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) young men to study in a yeshiva (religious school) instead of serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. Currently, most Israeli men and women must serve two or three years, followed by several years of reserve duty. The Haredim, who comprise 13 percent of Israeli society, have been exempt from such service. They say their study of the Torah and Jewish rabbinic laws are as important to Israel’s survival and the upkeep of Judaism as the physical defense of the land and people. Therefore, the students have been receiving stipends from the government, which will now end.

These stipends and military exemptions have angered many within secular Israeli society and created a massive divide between secular and religious Israelis. Economists say both these policies—the money and the exemptions—are unsustainable as Haredi birthrates climb by 4 percent each year, making them the fastest-growing population in Israel. Each year, 13,000 religious young men reach the age to serve in the Israeli military, but fewer than 10 percent enlist. Close to 60,000 Haredi young men study in yeshivas throughout the country. Starting April 1, Israeli authorities can arrest ultra-Orthodox young people who still refuse to enlist.

Please pray Israel will act wisely as they discern how best to protect her land and people.

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From Event at Tel Aviv Messianic Center to Ladies’ Bible Study

CPM Israel staff member at one of our centers

Our friend John* called to ask if he could bring a friend to an event at our ministry center. We have a policy of always making space for new people, especially if they are just learning about the Lord. So, although registration was closed, we made sure John’s guest felt welcome. Before the meal, our staff was able to talk with her. Tali* had a great time and even stayed afterward to help clean up.

Tali grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home and no longer wanted anything religious in her life, but she was genuinely curious about our faith. She started asking us many questions about the origins of our faith and was really engaged. Several other staff also had a chance to talk with her. Each of us discussed different areas of our faith, which was just the beginning. A few days later, she came to a ladies’ Bible study we lead, where she continues to engage and learn more.

Please pray for Tali to keep learning and discover the most important fact: Yeshua (Jesus) is her Savior and the Messiah of Jewish people.

*Name changed.