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Ninety Hamas Terrorists Surrender, Israel Places Bounty on Top Hamas Leaders

IDF soldiers from the Nahal Brigade operating in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge (Source: Flickr/Israel Defense Forces)

Israeli forces continue to fight fierce battles in Gaza as the Swords of Iron War continues. The Israeli military recently saw ninety Hamas terrorists surrender their weapons at a hospital in northern Gaza. Many of them had participated in the massacres of Israeli communities on October 7. As the Israelis surveyed the hospital, they found assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, explosive devices, and Hamas military equipment. Some of these deadly items were even hidden in maternity ward incubators. The hospital functioned as a Hamas base at the beginning of the war.

In different parts of Gaza, troops continue to fight ambushes from the tunnels and find groups of fighters in civilian apartments. Weapons are stashed inside apartments, schools, and other civilian sites, many of which are near tunnels. Troops were also deep in battle around Gazan leader Yahya Sinwar’s home, which was destroyed at the beginning of the war. Currently, there is a $400,000 bounty for his capture. It appears Israeli forces dropped leaflets in Arabic over Gaza promising rewards for any information leading to the capture of Sinwar, Hamas’ military wing commander Muhammad Deif, and other top Hamas leaders.

The Israeli Air Forces delivered seven tons of supplies to combat troops in the southern city of Khan Younis deep in Gaza.  Since a ground resupply was not feasible, this delivery ensured the troops had adequate food and weaponry to continue the battle. The precision airdrop, called “Operation: Gift from the Skies,” was sent via a Hercules plane, which parachuted the packages by “autonomously guiding itself to ground forces with accurate navigation capabilities.” This event marks the first time Israeli forces have deployed this airdrop and navigational system since the Second Lebanon War.

Praise God for the progress Israeli forces have made in dismantling Hamas. Pray non-combatants will be safe and the Middle East will soon be free from Hamas.

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Israeli Medics Save Thousands of Lives

United Hatzalah logo (Source: Wikimedia Commons/United Hatzalah)

Over the past several weeks, stories of bravery and courage shown on October 7 have emerged. For instance, the quick and selfless actions of United Hatzalah, a volunteer-based emergency medical services organization in Israel, saved thousands of lives. As shift officer Nachman Elbaz was finishing his night shift at United Hatzalah, sirens began sounding at 6:30 am on October 7. Distressing calls began flooding in, and his small overnight team responded with calm and compassion. Elbaz had to make split-second decisions and ordered a truck filled with medical supplies to a major junction outside Sderot, a city severely affected by rockets and Hamas terrorists. He got on his internal radio network and asked for every available worker to arrive at the junction.

The workers saved and transported many injured people to nearby hospitals in private vehicles. By not using ambulances, which were scarce at the time, they were less likely to draw terrorists’ attention and risk an attack. Elbaz praises the United Hatzalah staff who courageously entered cities and towns under attack to evacuate the wounded. As time passed, Elbaz received calls from his medics reporting the rising death toll. He explains, “They would call and say, ‘We’ve found 20 more bodies . . . we’ve found 40 more bodies.’” Thank you, Nachman Elbaz and the United Hatzalah workers, for your unwavering duty and love for the people of Israel, even as you were in danger.

Please pray for the wounded to continue to heal physically and emotionally. Pray for the United Hatzalah medics who saw and experienced so much on October 7, for their hearts and minds to heal from the terrors they saw and felt.

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Israeli Children Suffer from Emotional Distress Following October 7

Since October 7, when Hamas terrorist forces invaded Israel’s southern communities to rampage, kidnap, and brutally murder Israeli citizens, 83 percent of children in Israel have been suffering from anxiety and emotional distress. The daily need to seek shelter when a siren blares and warnings of rockets sent to civilian centers compound the fear. For more than two months, most children have not been in a normal school routine and have lacked the ability to socialize and play as children should. The kids who evacuated from communities close to the northern and Gazan borders are experiencing the most distress. One mom said:

Even now, the kids [ages eleven and thirteen] refuse to stay alone at home. They have fears of terrorists coming and kidnapping them, things we never imagined before. We physically take my daughter to school, and on the way back—despite living just a five-minute walk away—we’re constantly on video call with her so she’s not alone. As residents of Ashdod, this isn’t the first time we’ve been affected by the situation in Gaza, but this war is different from anything we’ve known.

Please pray for Israel’s children to know the Lord loves them. Pray He will replace their feelings of fear and anxiety with calm and peace. May He cover them with His pinions, and may they seek refuge under His wings (Psalm 91:4).

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Chosen People Ministries’ Israeli Staff Celebrate Hanukkah

During the darkest time of the year, we light candles each night to remember the victory Israel had over those who wished to destroy Jewish people and a miracle the Lord gave to His people so long ago. We pray for the Lord’s victory and miracles again today. People’s hearts are heavy, but as we light the candles, we see darkness cannot win. What an opportunity to proclaim the Lord! He is our Light and Salvation.

During the week of Hanukkah, our staff was busy with different small events. There might still be rockets flying toward Israeli civilian centers, but we planned events near shelters and prayed. At our Tel Aviv Messianic Center, we were able to have an event for young adults, which was thrilling. Everyone who came was eager to talk, pray, listen, and laugh. As they lit the Hanukkah candles, it was evident the young adults were desperate for this time together! The same can be said for the ladies’ brunch the next morning.

We were also able to have a Hanukkah party for kids. For the first time at a kids’ event, we had to make an announcement about where to take the children in the event of a rocket siren. Though most kids and families are used to this need to take shelter, it saddens everyone to think there are those wishing for Jewish people’s destruction. Our message for the children was the Light of the world brings salvation and victory over darkness. We hold tight to this truth! Finally, in Jerusalem, there was a children’s camp. Many kids came for a few days of refreshment, games, Bible study, and worship. They, too, needed special time to relax with friends, enjoy the holiday, and think of how we can be lights to others—with the message of Jesus the Messiah!

Thank you for praying for our continuing ministry to those in our communities, even during a war!