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Israeli Forces Discover Largest Hamas Tunnel Yet Found in Gaza

Terror tunnel in the Gaza Strip exposed by the Armored Corps in August 2014. (Source: Flickr/Israel Defense Forces)

The Israeli Defense Forces recently announced discovering the largest and longest attack tunnel yet in the Gaza Strip. Running almost entirely under civilian areas, it connects northern Gaza to Jabalia, a little more than 5 miles from the Gaza-Israel border. It is about 2.5 miles long and 165 feet deep, with many levels and smaller tunnels leading off the main branch. Yahya Sinwar’s brother, Muhammad Sinwar, orchestrated the tunnel’s construction at a cost of millions of dollars. The tunnel is wide enough at some points to drive a car. It also has plumbing, electricity, communication networks, and heavy blast doors to slow Israeli advancements. One of its shafts ends less than a quarter of a mile from Israel’s Erez crossing in northern Gaza. Hamas probably used it for the surprise attack on Israel on October 7.

The size and extent of the tunnel system in Gaza is larger than Israeli forces expected—even weeks into Israel’s war against Hamas. This major discovery surprised the Israeli military. Israel intends to destroy the tunnel network so terrorists cannot continue to hide in Gaza.

Please pray for the Israeli units tasked with finding and destroying Hamas’ tunnel network so Hamas can never use it for ill intent again. Pray for their safety against boobytraps and ambushes.

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Israeli Troops in Gaza Find Suitcases Full of Money

20 shekels (Source: Pexels/Cottonbro Studio)

While troops were searching for weapons in the home of a senior Hamas member, they found two suitcases full of cash amounting to 5 million shekels (almost 1.4 million dollars). They also found Iraqi and Jordanian dinars and US dollars. This discovery marks the largest cash trove yet found during the war. This huge sum equals the total amount of money Israel found in Gaza during the first month of the war. Israel knows Hamas’ assets amount to millions of dollars, which helped Hamas grow in numbers and weapons. This growth paved the way for the massive October 7 massacre. This money will now go toward Israel’s treasury.

Please pray for wisdom for Israel, as the war is costing millions of shekels a day to defend Israel’s civilians and safety.

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Israeli Forces Uncover Hamas’ Nerve Center under Gaza City

IDF forces operating in the area of Hamas’ main command (Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Palestine Square is the center of Hamas rule in Gaza City. Troops from Israel’s Armored Corps 401st Brigade, along with the Air Force’s Shaldag Commando Unit, found the hive of Hamas’ senior officials. This deep underground complex housed Ismail Haniyeh, Yahya Sinwar, and Muhammad Deif’s operational activity. Troops found elevators and spiral stairs leading to command centers, lecture halls, discussion rooms, recreation halls, and a cabinet meeting room. The tunnels are connected to the Al Rantisi and Al Shifa Hospitals. These shafts drop some 164 to 197 feet below ground, reaching the water table. Israeli forces are preparing to demolish the massive facility systematically. Col. Aharon, the 401st Brigade’s commander overseeing the operation in the area, said:

This is a vibrant area in which thousands of Gazans live. Homes are designed in a very Western style. Anyone who wants to be at the heart of Hamas’ activities has an apartment, an office or an underground hiding place here. There’s an underground world built here over decades—designed to protect Hamas’ leaders only, not Gaza’s citizens, nor terrorists, nor even field commanders. We found hundreds of generators providing emergency power to senior Hamas members and giant batteries for long-term survival buried under the ground. This is a fortified urban space.

Shaldag’s deputy commander D., who led troops in the tunnel:

We reached Hamas’ nerve center and found sophisticated and complex tunnel systems. With our diverse technological means, we located many entrances that led to many others as well. We found over 20 large underground entrances with stairs and ladders. Each entrance serves as an escape route for senior Hamas figures as an escape to another tunnel network.

Please pray for wisdom and guidance to remove this vast tunnel network permanently.

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Messiah Jesus, Born in Israel, Triumphant King

Bethlehem, Israel (Source: Wikimedia Commons/Lux Moundi)

As we celebrate the birth of our Messiah Jesus, born in Israel, we also remember He is our triumphant King! Amid so much upheaval, worry, and uncertainty, we know and trust He alone can bring peace—shalom—to the Land of Israel and the world. Bethlehem was empty of tourists this year. The Old City in Jerusalem had vacant alleys. Yet, we know the angels who proclaimed His birth to the shepherds not far from these locations still sing of His Holiness.

We pray, as a Chosen People Ministries staff in Israel, we can daily sing of His holiness, even through turmoil, sadness, and grief. Each of us knows many Israelis whom the war has greatly and directly affected. We pray we can be a light and life to them as we sit and listen, pray, and remind them (and ourselves) of His goodness. As we look back on this year and look forward to the next, please pray with us for peace. It may not come as political peace right now, but we earnestly pray for it to enter people’s hearts!

Please pray for Israel’s salvation in our triumphant King! Please pray Israelis, even as their hearts are broken, will realize Jesus can mend the broken heart. Many are open and willing to listen to how we can have peace at this time. Please pray for these conversations. Finally, please pray for our staff, who are tirelessly serving Him as they reach out to others.