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Snow Blankets Mount Hermon

Mount Hermon in Israel (Source: Unsplash/John Adeoye)

Mount Hermon, located along Israel’s border with Lebanon and Syria, usually opens after a massive snowfall for Israel’s skiing season. Sadly, the area has been a closed military zone since October 7. It will remain closed “as long as the security reality continues to be the same, but still the snow is very beautiful and are always exciting,” said Miki Inbar, vice president of marketing and spokesperson for the site. There are almost eleven inches of snow at the lower level and nearly twenty inches at the higher elevations. Inbar continued:

Most of our permanent employees have gone on unpaid leave, and only a team that maintains the place remains. Regarding all those temporary workers who come to us every winter to work—there are around 300 workers, unfortunately this year we had to tell them: “Guys, the site will remain closed.” This is a fatal economic blow, not only to the site but also to those employees, to all tourism in the north which has been virtually silent since October 7. We always say that we are an important economic anchor for northern tourism, but unfortunately everything is paralyzed with huge economic losses for everyone.

Please pray for these workers and others like them who have been on unpaid leave as a result of the war with Hamas. Pray their financial needs are met, and they will turn to the Lord in their worries.

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Darom Adom (“Red South”) Festival Celebrates Flowers—and Mourns October 7

Red carpets of Anemone coronaria in Pura Reserve, Israel (Source: Flickr/Zachi Evenor)

Every February, Israel’s south is carpeted with beautiful red anemone flowers. For most of the year, the land is brown and dry. But in February, after rains have saturated the grounds, these winter red flowers bloom, creating an exciting tourist destination for thousands. Normally, Israel’s Darom Adom (“Red South”) Festival would have many events, concerts, and nature walks scattered around the different kibbutz communities (collective farms). The festival will still take place this year but with a much more somber tone. Most of the kibbutz communities are still devastated. One of the festival’s founders, Ofir Libstein, was murdered by Hamas terrorists as he guarded his Kfar Aza kibbutz on October 7. There will be memorial marches for him and the hostages. Many local small businesses will welcome the business the festival brings. They are in dire need of income after being shut down for four months.

Please pray the South’s small businesses, affected by the war, will be able to make the money they need.

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Hezbollah Damaged Hundreds of Northern Israeli Homes

Israeli forces simulating warfare with Hezbollah in Israel’s North, January 27, 2024 (Source: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

For their protection, 80,000 Israeli residents from northern border towns were evacuated after the war with Hamas started on October 7, 2023. There are serious and legitimate concerns Hezbollah might start a war on Israel’s northern border. Since then, Hezbollah has launched hundreds of anti-tank missiles and rockets, causing structural damage to 427 homes, with direct hits to 80 homes. Defense Ministry Director-General Major General (Reserves) Eyal Zamir understands the challenges and is committed to the safe return of the residents to their homes. There seems to be no sign Hezbollah is willing to withdraw its forces from the border with Israel. Before allowing northern residents to return home, the Israeli government wants Hezbollah forces to move behind Lebanon’s Litani River to create a safe buffer zone.

Please pray Hezbollah stops its aggression on Israel’s northern border.

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Dozens of Israelis Order the Book Isaiah 53 Explained

Isaiah 53 Explained in Hebrew

Over the years, Chosen People Ministries—Israel has placed ads on social media to let people know they can order a free copy of the Isaiah 53 Explained book—either a hard copy or e-Book. Weekly, we still receive dozens and dozens of requests for the book! People can read it as they commute, at home, in a park, or wherever they prefer. The addresses come from all over the country, north and south, ultra-Orthodox Jewish homes, Druze, small kibbutzim, large cities, and even next-door neighbors! Please pray as people desire to know to whom the prophet Isaiah referred when he wrote about the One who was pierced and striped for our transgressions (Isa 53:5).

Please pray for the follow-up team who calls or sends messages to these Israelis. Pray for fruitful conversations about Jesus, the Promised One who fulfilled what the prophet Isaiah spoke about!