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Israel Marks 100 Days since October 7

Protestor in front of the Kirya, calling for the return of Israeli hostages taken to Gaza (Photo Source:

Israel is marking 100 days since the horrific events of October 7. Hamas terrorists stormed through the Gazan border and wreaked carnage on kibbutz communities in Israel’s south. There are 136 hostages still in Gaza. Their families, along with 120,000 supporters, gathered in Tel Aviv’s “Hostage Square” at the start of a solemn twenty-four-hour gathering clamoring for the release of all hostages. Despite the heavy rains, people stayed throughout the night to comfort the families of the hostages and to stand in solidarity. Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, who sit on the War Cabinet committee, came to talk with the families after midnight. They arrived after attending high-level meetings nearby. No other members of the current coalition appeared at the rally. Many speakers expressed intense frustration with the nation’s leaders.

French President Emmanuel Macron sent a prerecorded message for the event. He named those hostages with French citizenship, saying Paris was determined to see them released. American Ambassador Jacob Lew emphasized the United States’ determination to bring the hostages home. Former Israeli Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch referenced the case at The Hague, in which South Africa accused Israel of genocide. Beinisch appealed to the judges of the International Court of Justice and “all of those who hold the law dear. . . . Don’t let cruelty and lies win. I’m hopeful that the sounds of this rally will resound around the world.”

There were many personal messages and stories from the families of the hostages. A released hostage and mother, Yelena Trufanova, spoke about her son Sasha, still a hostage. She said, “It’s hard for me to get up in the morning and to go to sleep at night. It’s hard to live. Some days I’m sad I was released because when I was in Gaza, I had hope. I’m ready to go back. Just bring back my son.”

Please pray for a miracle: the safe and immediate release of all hostages.

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Israel Exposes Extent of Hamas Terror Tunnels

The IDF’s paratroopers brigade operate within the Gaza Strip to find and disable Hamas’ network terror tunnels and eliminate their threat to Israeli civilians (Photo Source:

The Israeli Defense Forces continue to dismantle Hamas’ tunnel infrastructure running for hundreds of miles below the Gaza Strip. Israel’s discoveries reveal the vast resources Hamas spent bolstering terror activities rather than improving Gazans’ lives. Hamas invested in this tunnel system over many years to shield their terrorists, allowing them to move freely and transport weapons. Israel’s analysis of the tunnels, in preparation for their eventual destruction, reveals Hamas has used more than 6 tons of concrete and 1,800 tons of metal, costing tens of millions of dollars. Hamas was supposed to use this money for civilian infrastructure but instead funneled aid money to support terror.

Please pray Israel can quickly and safely dismantle the vast terror tunnel network under Gaza.

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Israel Plans to Monitor Buffer Zone between Gaza and Egypt

(Photo Source: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

The Philadelphi Corridor is a buffer zone spanning ten miles along the border with Egypt and the Gaza Strip. Israel has not monitored or inspected it since 2005, when Israel disengaged its people and military from the Gaza Strip. Since then, the corridor has been a hotbed for smuggling weapons over land and through its tunnel system. Israel informed Egypt of its plans to regain control of this section of the border by installing a real-time warning system to detect terrorist activity and any rebuilding of tunnels. This strategic move would seal off Gaza from Africa and its arms smuggling networks.

Please pray this move will be effective in stopping terror and pray for Egypt’s understanding.

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Watch—and Pass along—Our New Resource Opposing Antisemitism

Antisemitism has skyrocketed around the globe since October 7. We are witnessing a level of violent hatred against Jewish people not seen since the Holocaust. Sadly, many of the victims of Hamas’ atrocities were indeed Holocaust survivors. These precious people survived the horrors of the Nazis only to be kidnapped or slaughtered at the hands of Hamas terrorists. Though horrific beyond description, this hatred and the poisonous fruit it bears is nothing new. Animosity toward Jewish people goes back thousands of years, but so does God’s supernatural protection of His beloved people. Though Jewish people have faced horrible odds throughout history, the enemy—ultimately Satan himself—has never managed to wipe out the chosen people from the face of the earth. Nevertheless, the enemy continues to attack and harass Jewish people with increasing frequency while deceiving millions, including many who identify as Christians.

In our latest video, we will walk you through the process of opposing antisemitism from both historical and biblical perspectives. We encourage you to view this video—and then pass it along to others. Our hope is for all to see and understand why this is a matter of supreme importance and relevance. What is happening today is much bigger and more dangerous than we have seen in a long time. You can be part of the change we need today.

Please pray the surge of antisemitism will stop and lessen as God convicts and changes hearts