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Hezbollah Attacks Israel’s Northern Border

IDF soldiers accompanied a journalist during a tour of the Blue Line on Israel’s northern border in 2021 (Source: Flickr/Israel Defense Forces)

On the northern front, along Israel’s borders with Lebanon and Syria, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are in ready mode in its defense against Hezbollah. Since October 7, Israel has had to prepare for any immediate conflict with the Iranian proxy Hezbollah, which operates from southern Lebanon. This past week, Hezbollah launched its largest wave of rockets against Israel, aiming more than one hundred missiles at civilian centers, testing the scope and abilities of the Iron Dome missile defense system. Every day, Hezbollah has launched rockets and mortars across the border, resulting in the evacuation of many residents. Over the past five months, Israel has hit 4,500 Hezbollah targets, including weapons warehouses, military buildings, and operational headquarters. Israel is trying to push Hezbollah further back from its southern outposts along Israel’s northern border to ensure the safety of Israeli citizens.

Please pray for the protection of the IDF as they keep the northern borders safe. Also, pray for those displaced from their homes in the north for the past five months to continue striving and living in new locations with new routines.

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Israeli Government Plans Rehabilitation of Southern Border Communities

Weeds grow among the bleachers of the amphitheater in Kibbutz Gvaram (Wikimedia Commons)

After October 7, the Israeli government evacuated the small border villages around Gaza. Most of the villages were not safe to return to because of their proximity to Gaza and the constant threat of incoming rockets. The rest were burned or destroyed when Hamas went on a rampage through the civilian communities. Now, most of Hamas’ rocket launchers and weaponry have been destroyed. Israeli soldiers are patrolling the communities four or more miles away as 32,000 of the 60,000 Gaza border residents have returned home. The other 22,000 evacuees from the southern border region still live in 180 hotels or rent on a government subsidy of $1,650 per adult per month. The government offered a large grant per person or family if they returned home by March 7. The amount provided then decreases weekly until all government hotel subsidies end in July. There are massive plans amounting to around $5 billion not just to rebuild personal dwellings but also for cultural, medical, agricultural, and educational facilities as officials say this is critical to rehabilitate and move past the trauma of October 7.

Please pray for the smooth return of the southern residents; past traumas, time, and injuries will make the transition challenging.

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Anonymous Call Saves Lives of Dozens of Soldiers in Gaza

Israel Defense Forces troops in the Gaza Strip (Source: Wikimedia Commons/IDF Spokesperson’s Unit photographer)

A recent harrowing story surfaced about how an anonymous caller saved the lives of dozens of Israeli Defense Forces troops in Gaza. The unit had pitched their tents and were sleeping when a call came in, warning of the impending danger from terrorists who were in a tunnel below the troops. The terrorists had been there for three days, waiting for the right moment to ambush. Soldier “L,” who received the anonymous call, said, “I quickly understood there was going to possibly be a massive attack within minutes. We searched for the opening to the shaft, limited the possibility to four points, one of them directly in the center of where the soldiers had pitched their tents.” One of the other soldiers thanked “L” and said, “We received the intelligence that a terror squad was heading our way and left the encampment. At 4 am, I heard gunfire from there and, two or three minutes later, an explosion.  If we had not been warned, we would have been asleep and the attack would have resulted in 20 or 30 of us killed.”

Praise God, these troops were saved. Please pray for more tips and help from the people in Gaza.

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Chosen People Ministries—Israel Celebrates a Special Night in Jerusalem

Last week, our team in Jerusalem planned and hosted a special evening for a busload of Holocaust survivors from Ofakim and another busload from Sderot, two towns close to the border with Gaza. Many residents were significantly affected by the horrible events of October 7. Some of them had been evacuated and recently returned home. They were very thankful to have a day outing to be with friends and enjoy the program. Many are not yet believers, but they know and understand what our staff believe and often ask questions or make a phone call during the week to discuss spiritual topics. During the program, our staff told them about the Lord, prayed, and distributed a beautiful tulip to all the ladies, along with a small gift, as it was the week to show and appreciate women. The ladies left for their long journey home with a smile on their faces, everyone having also enjoyed a nutritious meal.

Please pray for these communities we are dedicated to serving, loving, and presenting with the redeeming message of Jesus.