Meeting Messiah in a Jewish Way

By Andrew

I was born in North London in 1964, to Egyptian Jewish parents who had fled to England during the political upheaval of the Suez Canal crisis in 1957. Our Egyptian Jewish ancestry extends as far back as we know, and my father was very devout. We went to Hendon Reform Synagogue in London where I became Bar Mitzvah.

My goal was to become an actor, and I began professional training at a drama school in London at age 19. There I met my wife, Nancy, who was also an aspiring actress and a Christian. Against her better judgment perhaps, we began dating and were married in 1988. Three years later, seeking greater professional opportunities, we moved to Southern California.

From time to time, I would accompany Nancy to churches, and, although I found it somewhat interesting, I felt no spiritual conviction. But I received a shock, because I began to suffer from kidney disease and became quite ill. Nancy turned out to be a perfect donor, and I received her kidney in 1997. Then, I started asking more pointed spiritual questions, and, in 2003, Nancy and I started attending the Messianic congregation in Southern California. I found so much there-friendly people and information about the things that mattered to me as a Jew.

I made an appointment to see Larry and found, to my surprise, that he knew my mother. In fact, unknown to me, he had led her in a prayer to receive Messiah seven years earlier! After we talked, I prayed to receive Jesus as my Messiah as well. It was hard for me to do this, but when I did, I meant it!

Our lives have changed so much since then. I now teach drama at a Christian university. Two and a half years ago, Nancy and I traveled to Azerbaijan to adopt our beloved daughter, who is now seven and a half. Soon, we will be returning to adopt another little girl, who will become our second daughter. I give thanks to God, for all good things come from above!

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