Michael and Lisa Cohen

A native of the San Fernando Valley, California, Michael Cohen was raised in a conservative Jewish home. He attended Hebrew School as a boy, and after his Bar Mitzvah, he went on to excel as a student of history. However, during his late teens and early twenties, he banished all thoughts of God and began a life that included many self-destructive behaviors. For a number of years, Michael occasionally returned to his Jewish roots but could find no comfort or guidance there.

After his graduation from college, Michael went to work for a car rental company. There, through a series of unlikely circumstances, he met a young Jewish believer named Lisa. He was curious about her faith, and after reading a copy of the New Testament she had given him, he accepted the Lord.

Since then, Michael has served as deacon, elder, and teacher in a Messianic congregation. He later married Lisa, who has also served in ministry to Jewish people. They are presently raising support. Michael completed his Masters of Arts in Intercultural Studies with a Jewish emphasis. Currently, Michael and Lisa are in the Los Angeles area and serving as missionaries with Chosen People Ministries. They are building the children’s program at their local Messianic Congregation, Shuvah Yisrael, discipling both Jewish seekers into the faith as well as new Jewish believers, and communicating the gospel to the interfaith community through specifically sensitive outreaches.