Paul and Linda Cruz

serving in Philadelphia

Paul Cruz was born and brought up in New York in a family with mixed Jewish-Gentile roots. In 1971 the U.S. Navy sent Paul to a communications facility in the Australian outback. Out of boredom, Paul agreed to attend a home Bible study near the base. There, the Holy Spirit used the Book of Romans to show Paul that Jesus is the Messiah of Israel. After returning to the U.S., Paul obtained his MBA and worked for over twenty-five years as a hospital manager. He married his wife Linda in 1994. She has been active in Messianic outreach since 1974 and sang with Kol Simcha. Paul was called into full-time ministry in 2003. He graduated from Palmer Seminary (Eastern Baptist) in 2010. Paul has extensive experience in small group ministry, in preaching and teaching, and in hosting Messianic Jewish holiday celebrations. He helps with several local Messianic fellowships in the Philadelphia area.

Paul’s Topics

      • Messiah in the Passover
      • Seeing Jesus in the Pilgrim Feasts of Israel
      • The Prince of Peace and the Lack of Peace in the Middle East
      • Joseph: a Godly Man in a Pagan Culture
      • The Olive Tree: Jews and Gentiles United in Jesus
      • The Prodigal Son from a Jewish Prespective