Rachel D.

Staff Member
serving in Israel

Rachel D. grew up in a Messianic home and watched her parents faithfully serve the Lord among the Jewish community. This experience instilled a passion for praying for and reaching out to her Jewish people. Later, she felt called to commit her life to full-time outreach.

Rachel received her undergraduate degree from Moody Bible Institute in 2002 in Jewish Studies and Bible as well as her Master of Arts in Old Testament Studies in 2006. She joined the staff of Chosen People Ministries in 2002 and served for five years in the Chosen People Ministries New York City headquarters, working among the city’s vast population of Jewish people. Rachel loves to disciple children and youth and teach young people to confidently proclaim their faith among their Jewish friends. She also coordinates conferences for global young Messianic believers and organizes short-term mission trips to Israel. She loves to grab those daily opportunities to talk about her faith with those around her, a specific interest being mothers’ groups she meets with regularly in parks and people’s homes.

In 2007, Rachel moved to Israel and received her citizenship. Once in Israel, she met Steve Davis, a British Jewish believer. They have been married since June 2010. They have two boys, Eli (age twelve) and Adam (age nine), and a little girl, Amalia (age six). Her main area of ministry is serving with our team at the Tel Aviv Messianic Center. There, she is involved in helping to start community-wide programs for believers and not-yet believers through creative ideas like music and coffee nights, Sabbath dinners, and ladies’ Bible studies. Friends, both new and old, who come to the ministry center always comment on how it feels safe and welcoming. In this atmosphere, amazing conversations about the Lord occur. Through these programs, Rachel is involved in evangelism, discipleship, and the spiritual growth of the body of Messiah in Israel! These are exciting times, as many are asking questions about Jesus and His love for them.