Roy and Joanne Schwarcz

Midwest Regional Director
serving in Chicago, IL

Roy Schwarcz was born and raised in New York. His mother emigrated to the United States from Berlin to escape Nazi Germany. His father was raised in New York City. At the age of thirteen, Roy became a Bar Mitzvah in the Orthodox tradition.

While traveling across the country as a young man, Roy met, for the first time, Gentile Christians who demonstrated God’s love to him even though he was Jewish. Through their kindness and prayers, he soon came to believe that Jesus was his Redeemer. Since then, Roy has been involved in almost every type of Jewish ministry. He has worked on college campuses, led home Bible studies, and started four Messianic congregations—three in the Chicago area and one in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Currently, Roy leads monthly Bible studies for the Jewish communities of Chicago, specifically in Highland Park and Lincolnshire, Illinois. These studies have led both Jews and Gentiles to come to faith and maturity in Jesus. Roy also serves as Midwest Regional Director for Chosen People Ministries

Roy graduated from Moody Bible Institute, where he received his diploma in Jewish Studies. He recently received his Master of Arts in Theology with an emphasis in Jewish studies from the Talbot School of Theology at Biola University. He was ordained through the Olive Tree Congregation, the first of the four congregations he planted with Chosen People Ministries. Roy is married to Joanne, and they have four grown daughters: Susannah, Aliza, Rachel, and Jacquelyn, and eight grandchildren.

Roy has authored the book, Where Jesus Walked, which examines over fifty portions of the life of Jesus demonstrating how the Old Testament prophets foretold events in the life of Jesus and how they were fulfilled in the New Covenant. Each portion is considered from a Jewish perspective, giving insight and perspective on the unity between Old and New Covenants.

Roy also served as Pastor of Evangelism at Moody Church in Chicago. In his pulpit ministry, Roy brings biblical exposition in its Jewish context. The theme in his teaching is the Jewishness of Christianity—God’s plan of reconciliation for mankind to God and to one another. This is taught through studies of the Jewish Holy Days and messages that speak of God’s faithfulness to Israel and to those grafted into the olive tree. His teaching brings together both Old and New Covenants, demonstrating God’s grace from age to age.