Brendan Maynard


Brendan and Katie Maynard are missionaries to the Jewish people serving with Chosen People Ministries in the country of New Zealand. While neither are Jewish, God has laid a heavy burden on their hearts to share Jesus with the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

At the age of 24, Brendan heard the Gospel and responded in faith by being baptized in January of 2008. From the beginning, Brendan felt the Lordʼs call on his life for full time ministry. When Brendan and Katie met in the Summer of 2009 they both quickly recognized their shared calling to serve the Lord in full time missions. Through continued prayer and study of Godʼs Word, it became apparent to Brendan and Katie that God had an ongoing plan for the redemption of the Jewish people through the Jewish Messiah—Jesus.

Recognizing that the Jewish people are considered a lost people group—with fewer than 3% worldwide and less than 1% in the nation of Israel confessing faith in Jesus as the Messiah—Brendan and Katie see the urgent need to proclaim Godʼs Good News to His chosen people (Deuteronomy 14:2; Romans 10:14-15).

In 2014, they left their home in Cleveland, Ohio for Brendan to attend the Moody Bible Institute where he received his degree in Intercultural Jewish Studies. Brendan has been heavily involved with teaching and discipling in the local Messianic Congregation of Chicago. He is also actively involved in local outreach to the Jewish community through events like Messianic Passover Seders.

Brendan and Katie have been selected by Chosen People Ministries to manage and operate a tourist lodging on the South Island of New Zealand where tens of thousands of Israelis travel each year. Offering free room and board to these travelers creates a perfect environment to foster relationship and the share the Good News of the Messiah with Israelis—most for the first time!

Brendan’s Topics

  • Messiah in the Passover
  • A Biblical Call to Preach the Gospel to the Jewish People (Romans 9-11)
  • The Theological Priority of the Gospel to the Jewish People (Romans 1:16)
  • Messiah in the Old Testament
  • The Cross in the Old Testament (Is. 53 & Ps. 22)