Elisabeta Pindic

Emigrating from Romania at the age of four, Elisabeta grew up in the small rural town of Hickory, NC. She was raised in the large Romanian Baptist Church network in the United States, where she wrestled with a lot of cross-cultural experiences. It wasn’t easy growing up in the constant friction and cultural barriers of her Romanian versus American worlds; however, she now loves sharing how God has used this Romanian-American upbringing to root her in her true identity in Messiah, and how it shaped her ministry to an often isolated Jewish community in a greater Gentile world.

After receiving her BA in English literature and philosophy, Elisabeta transitioned to seminary life in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, where she earned her MA in Philosophy of Religion. During a year’s long community service with AmeriCorps after graduation, she found herself visiting Israel where God unexpectedly “lifted a veil” from her eyes to the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith and especially to Jesus’ own Jewish identity. The more she “went backward” in the roots of her faith’s heritage, the more “she moved forward” toward the messianic world and eventually to Brooklyn, NYC.

Elisabeta currently lives in Brooklyn and serves as a missionary with Chosen People Ministries while finishing up her second master’s degree in Messianic Jewish Studies at the Charles Feinberg Center. Her heart is for outreach to young Jewish college students. Her vision for her ministry is 1) that Jewish people would awaken to the true knowledge of Jesus, 2) that more and more Christians would awaken to the knowledge of Jesus’ Jewishness, and 3) that Jew and Gentile alike would dwell in true unity within their diversity, as one new person and family whose foremost identity is “in Him,” and thereby ushering in (finally) the balanced era of true Shalom on earth even as it is in heaven.