Trevor & Kelssee Rubenstein

Branch Leader
serving in Minneapolis

Trevor Rubenstein was born in Virginia, Minnesota where he was raised in a nominal Conservative Jewish home. His family moved to Littleton, Colorado when he was a boy. He received his Bar Mitzvah at thirteen but later embraced atheism. He struggled with depression and consistent thoughts of suicide which led to drinking and drug abuse. He was eventually expelled from high school. Later, when attending a local community college he unknowingly entered a Bible study put together by a cult. He read the words of Jesus for the first time and became overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord. By the grace of God He never joined the cult but soon after did give his life to Jesus (Yeshua). Immediately after his salvation, the depression was gone and he never returned to the substance abuse. Trevor developed a broken heart for the lost and those he could relate to – the depressed, the addict, those involved in cults, but especially the Jewish people. The Lord changed his focus, and he spent much of the next twenty years ministering to hurting people, studying the Bible, and studying the history and teachings of other religions particularly modern rabbinical Judaism. He has been blessed to be able to study under some of the greatest modern Christian apologists. Trevor has worked and volunteered for many ministries and churches including Samaritan’s Purse, The Denver Rescue Mission, and Christian Apologetics Research Ministry. He has spent many years traveling the country, teaching at churches, and sharing the message of a saving faith in the Messiah with anyone who will listen. Trevor was also the director of the oldest evangelical outreach to the Jewish people in America. Currently, Trevor is still active in evangelism and discipleship, leading evangelism groups in Minneapolis. He is also embarking on receiving his M.Div. in Messianic Jewish Studies from The Talbot School of Theology through the Charles L. Feinberg Center. Trevor is married to Kelssee and has two step-children.

Trevor’s Topics

  • The Messiah in the Passover
  • Feasts of Israel
  • Gospel Salvation message
  • Who are the Jewish People?
  • The importance of reaching the Jewish people with the Gospel.
  • The biblical significance of the modern state of Israel