Carole Bahm

Missionary serving
in Boynton Beach, Florida

Carole Bahm came to know Jesus as her Savior and Lord in 1975 through the ministry of a Miami church. Within a few years, she entered full-time ministry as a childcare worker at a Christian children’s home with abused and neglected children. In 1985, Carole graduated from Toccoa Falls College, Georgia, with a degree in Missiology and received a missionary appointment to Belgium with United World Missions.

Although she had felt a deep desire to share the Gospel with Jewish people for many years, Carole believed that she was too far along in life to start a new ministry and change mission organizations. However, the Lord thought otherwise! Carole heard of Chosen People Ministries and, after participating in our Summer Training and Evangelism Program (STEP), joined our missionary staff in August 1994.

Carole was recently part of a new Chosen People Ministries effort to
establish a work in Paris. Carole was appointed to the Toronto branch of Chosen People Ministries (Canada) where she focused on personal work among Jewish women. With her French language skills, she also ministered in Quebec.

Carole ministers in South Florida, home to the second largest Jewish population in the US. She lives in a community were 90% of the residents are Jewish. The people in Carole’s community are in the latter years of their lives. Carole makes hospital visits, and witnesses in rehab centers and assisted living facilities. She also leads a Bible study in her church and another in her home for the Jewish and Gentile women of her community.

Carole’s heart for these precious Jewish people echoes the words of Paul in Romans 10:1, “Brethren, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for Israel is that they may be saved.”