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Two Israeli Pilots Died in Helicopter Accident

Israeli NavyCommander Maj. Gen. David Saar Salama visits Captain Ron Berman in the hospital (Source: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

Sadly, two Israeli pilots died last week in a training exercise over the Mediterranean. As they were coming back to their base, the left engine caught fire and power was cut off from the rest of the helicopter. The Eurocopter AS565 Panther crashed into the water, but the crew had activated the buoyancy system. Still, the two pilots could not leave the cockpit. Captain Ron Berman, the only surviving crew member, tried valiantly to save them. He said there was pitch darkness and smoke in the cockpit, making it very hard to see anything. After exiting the helicopter, he notified the Israeli Coast Guard using his own phone.

They rescued Captain Berman, who was brought to the hospital and treated for moderate injuries. The Coast Guard also tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate the two other crewmen. Israeli Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin and Commander of the Israeli Navy Maj. Gen. David Saar Salama visited Captain Berman during his recovery. Salama said, “You did everything you could and everything possible. You acted responsibly, swiftly, showing companionship. . . . Hang on, I know you are strong. We are here for everything you need, waiting your return.” Israel has grounded the helicopter fleet for safety precautions and inspections.

Please pray for the grieving family and friends of the two pilots who died.

Number of COVID-19 Patients Soars

A nurse in Israel – (Source: Unsplash/Levi Meir Clancy)

As in much of the world, the number of people infected with COVID-19 in Israel is skyrocketing. Israel is seeing records broken daily, as the contagious virus continues to spread. Though some people who test positive for COVID-19 have mild symptoms, there is also an increase in serious cases requiring hospital care. Right now, Israel has more than 200 hospitalized COVID-19 patients—almost double last week’s number.

Due to the sudden rise in demand for testing, Israel has encouraged people who are vaccinated or younger than sixty to get a rapid antigen test. This system saves the more accurate PCR tests for those who are vulnerable. Rapid antigen tests may be done at home, but kits are scarce because so many people want them. Some Israelis have even raided shops for at-home COVID-19 tests.

Please pray for health and safety during this wave. God is in control and will never leave us!

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Israeli Hospital Performs Innovative Procedure to Stop Seizures

Brain scans (illustrative) (Source: Unsplash/National Cancer Institute)

For the first time in Israel, a hospital performed an innovative procedure to stop seizures in epilepsy patients for whom other treatments have been unsuccessful. A surgeon implants a catheter inside a patient’s brain that injects a drug directly into the brain from a pump implanted in the abdomen that contains the medication. This procedure offers hope to patients who have not responded to any other drug or treatment.

While the drug was developed in the United States, the procedure was previously performed only in Australia and administered to just five people. These five patients have seen a dramatic reduction in seizures and a better quality of life as a result. Since this method is now performed in Israel, there are a few other people who are ready to undergo the procedure.

Please pray that this new development will prove safe and successful in the long run, providing a better quality of life to people suffering from seizures.

Health for the Holocaust Survivors We Serve

One of the Holocaust survivors we serve

We ask for your prayers, now, for the elderly Holocaust survivors we love and serve, that they will feel the Lord’s protection and peace. Like all of us, they have lived through this pandemic for two years now, which is certainly not an ideal way for elderly people to spend their final days. We want to be able to gather, hug, and share the Word over good food, but for their sake, we are not meeting in person right now. Our team is once again calling them and encouraging them through prayer and the Scriptures. It is important we remain steadfast, and we also want to encourage everyone that our staff is ministering to, both believers and not-yet believers. We might be growing weary from this pandemic, but the Lord will give us strength and mercy!

Please pray that the Holocaust survivors we serve remain safe and healthy so we can see them again when this wave passes.

Also pray for the staff of Chosen People Ministries—Israel for endurance and encouragement.