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Seven Die in Terrorist Attack on Synagogue

Jerusalem, Israel at night (Source: Unsplash/Yanny Mishchuk)

In a horrific scene, a twenty-one-year-old Palestinian gunman opened fire in a quiet Jerusalem neighborhood. It was Friday night, and people were walking home to their Sabbath dinners after attending synagogue services. Seven people were killed in the deadliest terror attack in Israel since 2011. The terrorist was shot dead. Meanwhile, in the West Bank and Gaza, many Palestinians rejoiced over the attack by lighting fireworks, handing out candies, and shooting celebratory weapon rounds.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will hold an emergency assessment meeting but has already instructed security forces to prepare for more escalation and remain vigilant. Friday was also International Holocaust Memorial Day. The whole country is shocked and saddened.

Please pray for those who are mourning the shocking deaths of their loved ones.

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United States and Israel Hold Largest-Ever Joint Military Drill

IDF soldiers (Source: Pixabay/yedidiak)

Last week, Israel and the United States held their largest-ever coordinated military training operation—“Juniper Oaks.” During this exercise, 140 aircraft, 12 naval ships, and artillery systems from both countries participated in the drill. Israel’s army stated Juniper Oaks is meant to “test U.S.-Israeli readiness and improve the interoperability of both forces, as well as target strikes and training in complex terrain while integrating joint communications and command and control systems.” In addition to improving general military and operational readiness, the United States wanted to show Iran it is not distracted by the war in Ukraine or threats from China. If needed, the American military can efficiently mobilize a large force in the Middle East.

Please pray for peace with Iran and for Israel and the United States to remain ready if conflict does arise.

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Israeli Forces Operate Raid in West Bank

West Bank, Israel (Source: Unsplash/Levi Meir Clancy)

In a daring move Thursday morning, the Israeli Defense Forces entered Jenin in the West Bank to foil imminent threats from terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). Israeli authorities arrived with explosives to draw out the suspects—three were killed and one was arrested. Other Palestinian gunmen opened fire on the Israelis. The ensuing conflict led to the deaths of five others, including one civilian. Several more were wounded.

The Israeli military explains, “The wanted men, PIJ operatives, have been involved in recent extensive terror activity, and are suspected of carrying out several shooting attacks against IDF forces, and planning other significant attacks.” One senior officer also said, “This squad was a ticking time bomb. If we didn’t act, they would have.” No Israeli soldiers were hurt in the clashes. Still, this raid is probably the deadliest in the West Bank in years.

Please pray for a return to peace and calm as the Israeli military seeks to prevent terrorist cells from becoming operational and deadly.

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Pray with Us for the Nation of Israel

Recent protest in Tel Aviv, Israel

Please join us for a few moments to pray for Israel—for her people and for our workers:

  • After the tragic terrorist attack Friday night, it is important to pray for those who are mourning and for those who are scared.
  • Israel’s security is heightened, and the leaders need wisdom and foresight to prevent future terrorist activity.
  • Please pray for the safety of civilians and for the work of the Israeli Defense Forces to keep everyone safe.
  • We also pray for our workers, who are continuously serving the Lord in Israel—encouraging the body of Messiah and sharing His good news with people who desperately need to hear! Please pray for their safety and health.

We lift up all these prayers in Jesus’ mighty name!