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Israel Foils Hundreds of Cyber Threats

Hacker code (Illustrative/Source: Unsplash/Markus Spiske)

Threats to Israel do not only come from land, sea, and air. In the digital age, Israel also faces numerous cyber threats. Last year, people attempted more than 1,000 major cyber attacks against Israel. These threats could have caused huge damage to the economy, defense, and infrastructure.

Cybersecurity is now an integral part of Israeli defense. Many of these attacks come from Iran. The director general of Israel National Cyber Directorate recently said, “Our defense is as strong as ever. We see how they work, many times without success in causing real damage.”

Please pray for Israel’s cybersecurity as threats against the economy, defense, and infrastructure are constant.

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Winter Weather Returns to Israel

Rain in Israel (Source: Unsplash/Raimond Klavins)

After weeks of unseasonably warm weather, Israel’s winter chill has finally come. Many were starting to give up on winter, but it arrived suddenly with a bang. Days of rain, cold, and wind sent everyone indoors. Israel issued flood warnings for several regions. Flooded areas caught some drivers by surprise.

One man in central Israel almost drowned because he became trapped in a locked car. First responders evacuated him and swiftly brought him to the hospital. At least eleven inches of snow fell on Mount Hermon, Israel’s tallest peak. Many hope to salvage the skiing season, as Mount Hermon is also the site of Israel’s only ski resort.

Praise God for providing the much-needed rain across the land! Pray for the safety of those living in areas in danger of flooding.

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Israel Celebrates Tu BiShvat—the Holiday of the Trees

Ein Karem, Jerusalem, Israel (Source: Unsplash/Laura Siegal)

Israel just celebrated Tu BiShvat, a fun holiday celebrating trees and plants. In some ways, it is similar to Arbor Day or Earth Day. Many Israelis celebrate by planting trees or spending time in nature. Since 1901, the Jewish National Fund has overseen a massive reforestation project in the land of Israel. They have helped plant more than 250 million olive, date, and pine trees. In 2000, Israel was the only country with more trees than it had in 1900.

Planting trees in Israel has both environmental and social benefits. Trees create oxygen, eliminate toxins, and make the soil more fertile. They bring new life to what was once desert. Trees also create green spaces where Israelis can have picnics, barbeque, or simply go for a stroll. This social aspect is key as many live in apartments with little immediate access to nature.

Please pray for the continued growth and development of the land. Praise God for places to have picnics, go for hikes, and simply enjoy the beauty of the land of Israel!

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Chosen People Ministries—Israel Meets for Fellowship and Prayer!

All our staff around the country recently gathered for a time of fellowship, prayer, and updates! Each staff member brought amazing stories of people they were telling about Jesus through great conversations and Bible studies. Others were also involved in creative outreach and individually taking care of the poor and needy. Everyone enjoyed their time together as we do not see each other face to face too often. We had a wonderful time of prayer as we lifted up to the Lord those who were sick or had family concerns. Thank you for praying for our amazing work and workers scattered throughout the land of Israel!

Please continue to pray our staff will boldly and lovingly proclaim the gospel in Israel.