Fiona Sorbala

Fiona’s mother left Egypt when President Nasser expelled the Jewish community, arriving in England after spending a few years in France, where her brother had been killed while working for the French resistance. By the time she arrived in London she was reluctant to speak about her Jewishness, although Fiona has a clear memory of her mother telling her while she was still very young to never forget that she is Jewish. Sadly, her mother died shortly thereafter.

Fiona came to know her Messiah at the age of 14 and her formative years as a young believer were in the Brethren which imparted to her a real love and respect for the written Word of God. This gave a stable foundation on which to build and left her with an ongoing love for Bible teaching and theology.

While in London in the early 90’s after studying at Bible College and spending some time working as a Lay Pastoral Assistant in Glasgow; she joined a Messianic Congregation and began to rethink her theology and put together what it meant to be Jewish and believe in Jesus.  As she gained a new understanding of her identity, this led to a radical change in direction as she began to understand and experience Messianic Judaism.

In 1992 she had the opportunity to go to St. Petersburg in Russia on an evangelism/ humanitarian aid trip and this was a turning point for her. Fiona began to feel a strong call both to the Jewish People and to the Former Soviet Union, where so many not only did not know Yeshua as their Messiah but had had their Jewish identity stolen from them by Communism. The course of her ministry and development has enabled her to gain experience in different Church streams, from a very traditional Church of Scotland Parish ministry to leadership in the Messianic Congregations in the Former Soviet Union, where she met and married her husband Marius, a talented artist.  She joined Chosen People Ministries in summer 2010. Fiona’s heart is firmly in the Messianic Community where she and Marius are involved in the life of Beit Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation in Golders Green and like Paul longs to see Jewish people find the truth that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel who longs for their redemption.  She also still loves ministry to Russian-speaking Jews. This has led to an opportunity to travel to the Baltics regularly where she has seen lives changed by the Gospel. Her ability to speak Russian has been a great help and she is a valued member of the Shalom Brooklyn Outreach in New York where she has been able to share the Gospel among the large Russian-speaking community who live in Brooklyn.